Although moving house is usually because of positive reasons (like moving to further your career or moving to a larger home) and often signals an exciting new episode in your life, the move itself is not without its challenges.

Moving has the most extended list (and sometimes endless) of to-dos! It’s no wonder “moving” sits high on the list of life’s most significant stressors. Anyone who has moved once knows the process can be a nightmare. Luckily, moving experts say you can make moving a seamless and stress-free process instead of a tedious and traumatic chore.

So, how do you make that happen?

It’s pretty straightforward: make sure you are well-prepared way before the moving day. Take a bit of time to really get organized before you even ask for a moving quote from your local movers. Although this seems like a simple and logical thing to do, you’d be surprised how many don’t. This is because it’s easy to disregard this as a “quick easy task” and leave it for the last minute – not a smart thing to do.

The above is an absolutely crucial step. It’s imperative you start selecting, purging, packing, planning, and organizing as soon as you decide to move! There are companies, such as ourselves, that offer full-moving services. If this is something you want to consider, just make sure (again) that you give yourself enough time.

Remember, your behavior and actions in the lead up to your move day can make an already challenging task that bit trickier. Create a game plan for the move at least a month or two before the date of the move.

a professional mover with two thumbs up loading a moving truck

Use these seven ingenious tips to make your move run more smoothly:

1. Be Realistic

While no two moves are exactly the same, regardless of your location, as far as moving is concerned, the challenges are pretty much the same. Emotions can get in the way of having a realistic game plan for your move. Plan your move with an open mind and remain as objective as possible throughout the process. Staying objective and being realistic regarding what to pack, what to purge, and when determining a budget, checklist, and timeline for your move can go a long way in making your move easier. Use these tips to create a realistic plan for your move:

  • Give yourself more time
  • Create a hard deadline and work backward
  • Modify existing moving checklists
  • Get estimates for your move to help you create a budget
  • Factor in unexpected circumstances

2. Prepare And Organize Ahead Of Your Moving Day

Are you getting ready to move and wish the process was a little less stressful? If so, prepare and organize ahead of your moving day. Often, people are quick to blame movers when things go wrong. While there are times this is justified, not all moving stressors are created by removers. Leaving everything till the very last minute can make moving a complete nightmare – for you and the people you hire to transport your stuff.

Being prepared and organized will mean that the day of the move will be less stressful (and the lives of you and the movers easier). Here are tips for getting organized before your move:

  • Declutter, sort your possessions and purge unwanted items
  • Create a list of items to dump, donate, or sell
  • Do a complete cleaning of your home
  • Identify items that need special care
  • Take dimensions of your new home. It will come in handy when planning your furniture placement
  • Organize kid activities to make the day fun for the children
  • Shop for packing items (packing boxes, garbage bags, tape, box cutters, etc.)

3. Don’t Skimp On Packing

At this stage, you’ve already identified what you will be moving and bought packing and moving supplies well in advance. It’s now time to pack your items. Here are pro packing tips that will make moving to your new home easier:

  • Begin by creating a designated “do not move or pack” area for items that belong to your house, or may need to be returned
  • Next, sort items by room and then by size
  • Pack the items you rarely use but can’t donate or throw away
  • Label/Mark your boxes on the side, not the top
  • Stack items by weight
  • Leave something as they are: for instance, if your clothes are in hangers, leave them as they are and slide them directly into garbage bags
  • Take pictures of complex appliance connections. Do the same for furniture that will need to be disassembled
  • Wrap breakables such as glasses and plates with clothes, paper or bubble wrap
  • Back up your computer
  • Roll your clothes
  • Highlight fragile items
  • Tape your moving boxes on both sides

Smart packing can make moving home a breeze. For more pro packing tips, talk to your mover.

4. Move Your Own Valuables

Keeping your valuable possessions safe is essential for a stress-free move. The best way to move your valuables, including important documents, is to do it yourself. Store your valuables in a safe deposit box and take it with you. You don’t want to be in a situation where your valuables get damaged or lost.

5. Organize Parking

The day before you move, make sure you reserve a parking spot for the van or truck at your current and new home. This can be done in several ways, including recruiting your family or friends to park their cars in front of your place on the day you move. Remember, the closer the moving truck is to your place, the less your moving costs, and the less time it will take to move. Plain and simple!

6. Set Up Your New Home In Advance

Another excellent tip to make your move easier and organized is to set up your new home in advance. It goes without saying that this is a crucial step. The last thing you want when you move into your new house is to arrive only to notice that your utilities are not connected. Besides, moving to a new place presents you with an excellent opportunity to reevaluate things like your internet, home insurance, etc.

Here are tips to prep your new home before you move in:

  • Organize insurance for your new home
  • Connect your utilities
  • Make spare keys for your new home
  • Compare home phone, TV, internet, and security system offers and book installation in advance
  • Update your address in advance

7. Hire Your Moving Team & Book Your Service Elevator

Unless you’re planning a DIY move, after you’ve got your stuff packed and organized, call in professional removers to help you move home. Start asking for quotes for your move. Trustworthy movers will be thrilled to visit your house for free and provide a written estimate. Professional movers can go a long way in getting rid of some of the headaches of your move. As soon as you’ve settled on which moving company to hire, reserve your elevator.