With a welcoming population of around 23,000, Venice is a tropical oasis in the heart of Florida. It offers a charming collection of homes, impeccable roads, and beautiful weather year-round. When it comes to finding a place that will bring a smile to your face, Venice is right up there with the best!

For those hoping to move to a fun-filled city with endless beauty, it’s time to look at the appeal of Venice in Florida.

Here are the top reasons for moving to Venice, Florida.

Here’s a cool¬†video tour of Venice, FL! Check it out.

Main Reasons To Move To Venice

1. Picturesque Beaches

Here’s a video tour of Nokomis Beach in Venice, Florida.

Venice is renowned for its sparkling blue skies, sunlit roads, and gorgeous neighborhoods but what about those awe-inspiring beaches? It is those beaches that are going to make you want to rest with a book in hand and just watch as the waves rustle in the background with the warm sand beneath your feet.

It is an experience that is common in Venice and that’s what makes it special!

Whether it is Caspersen Beach, Nokomis Beach, or Venice Beach, there are multiple beautiful beaches in this part of Florida. It is an adored city for several reasons but this has to be right up there with the best of them.

If you are a beach lover then it is time to take a peek at Venice.

Not only are these some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida but they are also well-maintained. This makes it easy to find a gorgeous spot on the beach and just relax without getting bothered. The endless beaches in Venice are going to make you never want to leave!

This alone is why more and more people want to make Venice their home in the coming years. It is simply gorgeous and a breath of fresh air.

2. Great Local Cuisine

Food is a major plus point in the heart of Venice, Florida.

Foodies enjoy spending their days in this gorgeous city because of how many options are available at every corner. There is something for everyone and it is those international cuisine options that are going to make you want to eat to your heart’s content.

Whether you are looking for Chinese food, Indian food, or local Floridian delicacies, the options are there for you to feast!

Some of the finer options in Venice include the likes of Dockside Waterfront Grill, Sharkys on the Pier, and T J Carney’s Grille to name a few.

These are some of the finest restaurants in the region and are going to be a lovely way to enjoy a good meal on a beautiful sunny day in Venice.

3. 252 Days Of Sun

Yes, the sun is never a problem in Venice!

If you are someone that wants to get away from colder climates, snow, and/or other relevant weather-related problems, it is never a bad idea to consider moving to this part of Florida. Everything about the sunny skies is appealing and that is why it is cited as a noteworthy retirement city.

With 252 days of sun, the idea of inclement weather seems improbable throughout the year. Just wake up and know the weather is going to be picture-perfect just the way you want it to be.

What more do you want when it comes to living in a beautiful city that is all about its sights, welcoming community, and great weather?

This is the charm of Venice and why it continues to be a go-to option for those moving to Florida.

4. World-Class Healthcare

Your health is of great importance and has to be kept in mind when moving to any city. You will want to ensure everything is done by the local government to set high health standards so you can enjoy the local sights without having to worry about your well-being.

Not only is Venice among the safest cities in the state, but it is also renowned for having a robust healthcare system from top to bottom. This includes access to the well-renowned Venice Regional Bayfront Health and Venice Health Park.

Your health should never be compromised and it won’t be here.

Some of the world’s finest medical professionals work out of Venice and that is why it is appreciated for having a great healthcare system. It is simply flawless.

5. Incredible Performing Arts Scene

Do you love going out and enjoying a great show at the local theater? Who doesn’t?!

This is something a lot of locals rave about when it comes to the charm of Venice. It is not just about the sunny skies or the beautiful beaches because the performing arts scene is incredible too. You are always going to find a great show and/or event to join whenever you want.

The Venice Theater is noted for being among the biggest theaters in the state and country. It has a long list of shows that play throughout the year and go full because of the local interest in watching them. The demand and talent on offer are impossible to beat.

You are going to see some of the finest performers work on their craft in one place and that’s what makes Venice a performing arts hub.

6. Long List of Outdoor Festivals and Events

When the weather is good, it’s always going to be fun to head out to a local outdoor festival and/or event.

In this regard, you are not going to be disappointed one bit. There is an endless list of outdoor festivals that take place all across Venice and in surrounding cities because of the gorgeous weather.

This includes the heralded festivals including – The Arts Festival, The Craft Festival, The Art Classic, and of course the cherished Christmas Walk.

Whether it is in June or December, there is always something to do here. This is what makes spending your time in Venice an absolute joy for you and your loved ones.

7. Growing Employment Market

It is often assumed Venice is just about setting up a retirement community, welcoming tourists, and nothing else.

This is a myth and is the wrong assumption to have when it comes to this gorgeous location. It is more than just a retirement community and has a lot of value to offer for those coming young.

The burgeoning employment market continues to grow each year. With an incredible unemployment rate of just 3.3%, this is a perfect spot to settle in and build a great career.

Not only do you have access to a long list of jobs but it is spread across different industries. This means those working in the medical industry, hospitality, arts, sports, and everything in between are not left behind.

There is something for everyone here and that is what makes it a great place to live!

Final Thoughts

Research shows there is a surge of moves during the Jun-Aug period in Venice.

Local movers in Venice FL recommended taking the time to plan, understand how the move will take place, and setting fair rates in line with modern trends.

With the right moving company, it’s possible to get a great deal that makes the move a breeze. If you are planning to move and (or) if you are a senior, it’s highly recommended to plan outside the Jun-Aug period and try to focus on the start of the month. This is historically when the least moves take place making it easier to coordinate everything.

Get started with a trusted local moving company in Venice and make your dreams come true right away!